Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Europe non-life Insurance

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Description (from FRED) :

"Percent not seasonally adjusted, ratio of non-life insurance premium volume to GDP. Premium volume is the insurer´s direct premium earned (if Property/Casualty) or received (if Life/Health) during the previous calendar year. Premium data is taken from various issues of Sigma reports (Swiss RE). Data on GDP in US dollars is from the etectronic version of the World Development Indicatos."

Notes :
  • "Non-life insurance" is also known, in the insurance industry jargon as general insurance and it means any kind of insurance except for life.
  • Swiss RE is one of the largest reinsurance companies in the World.
  • Sigma report is a annual compendium about the world's insurance market, and it can be found on this page : Swiss RE Institute. 
  • No data for Kosovo or Montenegro available.
  • No data for 2015 for Georgia, Malta and United Kingdom - numbers of 2014 were used for these countries.